Players Of Final Fantasy 14 Are Already Working Extremely Hard In The Game’s New Peaceful Farming Mode

Players Of Final Fantasy 14 Are Already Working Extremely Hard In The Game’s New Peaceful Farming Mode
Credit: NME

Island Sanctuaries, a solitary mode that enables you to maintain a farm, harvest resources, make products, and care for animals, was added this week with patch 6.2. As you explore the island and construct facilities, you earn special XP that raises your rank and allows you to equip your character with rides and other hairstyles. MMO players have obviously discovered a way to convert this casual pastime into a business by exchanging spreadsheets, maps, and information on spawn rates.

To prevent you from investigating too much, Reddit user LucarioMagic marked plant places on the island map. To generate linear pathways from each resource, Twitter user stalvtuber went one step further and provided precise coordinates. Finally, Cole Evyx, a YouTuber, has created a video in which he cautions viewers about a “noobtrap” that keeps you from constructing your island base and offers an entire Excel sheet of things to produce with a value per hour VPH number for each one.

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The difference between how people treat the mode and how it was intended to be used is frequently brought up on Twitter and the game’s subreddit. Unfortunately, this issue often arises in MMOs: Many players use the in-game farms and other features that World of Warcraft has added over the years rather than relishing the break from raiding and grinding enemies. As a result, there aren’t many reasons to speedrun FF14, even though nothing prevents you from slogging through island life.

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The island sanctuaries in FF14 are reminiscent of the battles that hysterical Animal Crossing participants waged against New Horizons when it first arrived in 2020. Early pandemic players had little else to do while they harvested the game that has become almost synonymous with a chill. Players used dedicated websites and Discord servers to track turnip prices to expedite their game progress and increase their profit. None of it was what Nintendo intended, yet everyone still did it.