Urban Trial Playground Is Free In May For Twitch Prime Members

Urban Trial Playground Is Free In May For Twitch Prime Members
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Being a Twitch Prime member comes with a lot of perks. That’s particularly true in regards to free games. Members have all sorts of freebies to look forward to every month and a new batch is set to release this May. That includes the adrenaline-pumping Urban Trial Playground. This stunt-racing game is renowned for its amazing tricks, level designs, and overall fun action.

To claim your free copy, all you have to do head on over to the Twitch Prime hub. From there, you can click on the download link and open it up with the supporting Twitch PC client. Should you decide to add this stunt racer to your collection, you have a lot of fun content to look forward to. Instead of racing around city streets, you’ll be able to hit the California beaches in grand fashion.

Like most Trial games, you’ll have to balance out various actions like speed, direction, and braking. The perfect ratio will result in some fast-paced and incredible action. Once you get a feel for the mechanics, you’ll be able to open up with some stylish tricks. That’s where Urban Trial Playground really shines. There are no limits to what you can do soaring in the air with an aerodynamic bike.

On every stage, you’ll try to earn points and crack the top of the leaderboards. It’s a simple design, but definitely mastered here in this latest Trial installment. There are over 50 levels to test out your racing and jumping skills, which are all well designed and unique in their own way. In this regard, this game has a ton of re-playability.

There is a lot of new content to look forward to as well with this game, including new tricks, motorcycles, and gear. The further you get in this game, the more cool rewards you’ll be able to unlock. It’s also fun playing with friends online to see who can get the highest score. Even if you’re not familiar with this stunt racing series, Urban Trial Playground has a lot of value and you’ll find something you like right off the bat.

It’s a great pickup that won’t cost you a dime thanks to the Twitch Prime membership. If you already have Amazon Prime and haven’t got around to using it for gaming, then you’re in luck. You can link it with your Twitch account and get in on this fun free action. There is a lot more in store for the month of May, too.