Update: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare New Floor Glitch Causes Players To Get Into Restricted Areas And Go For The Kill

Update: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare New Floor Glitch Causes Players To Get Into Restricted Areas And Go For The Kill
Credit: Call of Duty via YouTube

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s ‘Ground War’ mode has players discovering various ways to get underneath the floors or inside the walls of the game’s maps, allowing them to kill other players with exoneration before raining bombs/weapons.

Before this inundation of cheaters, the 32-versus-32 Battlefield-style mode was initially a great place to upgrade, gaining lots of XP without a load of individual performance. However, today Ground War has become a tiring mode to play. Now, players are finding and using restricted areas of the map to box up a ton of kills furtively.

This allows the players to earn the Tactical Nuke, a match-ending killstreak that players can earn by achieving 30 consecutive kills from lethal equipment or stocked weapons. These map loopholes have become evident on Modern Warfare’s ‘Port of Verdansk’ map, with players discovering several loopholes that allow them to get underneath the map to sail around for kills without sustaining any damage.

Also, players have found several ways to get internally into the walls of buildings on the ‘Krovnik Farmland’ and ‘Karst River Quarry’ maps. The same exploits make players not intending to cheat, still caught up in the exploits. However, with Ground War teaming up with over 32 players, it’s reasonable to pair up with cheaters.

Similar to Battlefield, Ground War allows players respawn on a squad number, and in some rare scenarios, a random squad teammate might take advantage of the map’s loopholes. However, a normal squad spawn could be under the map.

Reddit user ‘Bleak5170’ noticed an open exploit on the ‘Tavorsk District’ map as opposed to a harmless squad spawn. He stated, ‘Had no idea what I was getting into. So proud to say I instantly mobbed myself with a claymore, lol.’

However, cheating in Ground War isn’t restricted to only map exploits. Some other exploits entail the use of aimbot hacks to gun down another opponent on the playing field with zero effort. Other Reddit users also posted clips of their after-death scene ‘Killcam,’ which depicted hackers firing and auto-snapping targets that weren’t even in sight. Even celebrity rapper T-Pain tweeted his plight using the aimbot in matches.

These cheap tactics aren’t exclusive to multiplayer games. However, it not common to see such rampant cheating in the new title of Call of Duty.

Hopefully, Infinity Ward quickly responds to the current bugs, because these loopholes are bombarding many of the Ground War matches, making the mode not reasonable to play.