Upcoming Star Wars Game Apparently Leaked By Twitter Bot

Upcoming Star Wars Game Apparently Leaked By Twitter Bot
Credit: Kyle Katarn via YouTube

Gaming developers like to keep their upcoming projects under wraps until they can announce it properly. Sometimes this means delaying announcements until huge events like E3 or the like, or sometimes they just release it on their own terms with a few teasers. But in today’s age, marketing is a thing of the past – we’re just letting bots leak the information now, boys.

A Twitter bot called PSNreleases posted a tweet yesterday announcing the newest release on the European PSN stores. The game announced was the latest Star Wars: Project Maverick, the latest in EA’s line of Star Wars titles.

Only problem is, this is the first that anyone has heard of it.

Prior to now, there was very little information coming out in terms of new games in the Star Wars universe. Last month, Kotaku made claims that EA is working on two new Star Wars games, with one being a sequel to the incredibly popular Fallen Order and the other being an untitled, unnamed game. The latter was reportedly “a smaller, unusual project” that was being developed at the EA studio EA Motive, but that was all anyone knew about it.

We’ve placed the tweet from PSN Releases directly above this, which is yet to have been removed yet. Naturally, the responses are a mixture of confusion, hype, and humor.

Much of the gaming community has caught fire in the wake of this surprise news. Everyone is scrambling to see more information on the game and what exactly is to be expected from this game. As of this moment, we know virtually nothing: no game genre, no characters, nothing beyond the name given. In fact, we don’t even know if that’s the actual name! It could very well be a working title that happens to have been caught by this bot.

The thing that really sells it, though, is the picture attached to the tweet. A full cover art of that sort likely wouldn’t be whipped up just for some sort of a test demo or a codename. While we don’t know anything about the game, there’s a good chance that Project Maverick is the name that we’re going to be looking for.

As of now, EA hasn’t had anything to say. The bot isn’t a PlayStation or EA affiliate or anything, so there doesn’t seem to have been a scramble to take the tweet down before people see it.

If anything, there’s a good chance the creator is enjoying the extra attention the controversy is bringing to his bot. Maybe once EA decides to speak out we’ll know more about what we’re working with.