The Major Updates Coming In Monster Hunter: World’s Title Update 2

The Major Updates Coming In Monster Hunter: World’s Title Update 2
Credit: Monster Hunter via YouTube

Capcom has scheduled the next major update for Monster Hunter: World, Title Update 2, for March 14th. With only ten days left until the patch hits, it’s about time to look through the update notes and see what exactly Capcom is bringing us.

The first major addition to discuss is the two new monsters, the Stygian Zinogre and the Safi’jiiva. We’ve got you covered there; you can read our writeup on the two new monsters and the gear they’re bringing here.

But a patch as big as this Title Update has much more going on than some Tundra and a couple of new targets to hunt. Capcom is adding a handful of new fixes as well as some new appearances and general improvements.

The first of these is an improvement to Sword & Shield and Dual Blades mechanics. These weapons were underperforming a bit (especially the first), prompting Capcom to make a few alterations to try and bring them to the forefront again. There also are some new items available to meld at the Elder Melder, as well as new layered armor and a weapon pose added. Seliana room decor and BGM has been added in, along with a tempered version of the Ruiner Nergigante.

In PC-specific changes, the Steam overlay will no longer appear automatically when a player receives a friend request during gameplay. This change is done to deal with issues of the overlay interrupting with or impairing gameplay, which was even causing some players to lose out on hunts.

The VRAM Usage window in the options has a few interface changes to provide clarity to players. If you’re trying to use DirectX 12 with 3.5 GB or less  VRAM available, the window will now have a more obvious display to warn you.

Bug fixes have been applied from up to console version 12.11. This includes several camera-related bugs, including a major isue that was causing the camera to stutter if players moved their mouse slowly. Key-binding related bugs have been dealt with, including one where a mouse button’s subkey weren’t working when both the main and subkey for a specific control are both assigned. They’ve also fixed a handful of general minor bugs, such as texture glitches and the like.

Those are all the major changes coming in Title Update 2! The update goes live on March 14th, so you have plenty of time to prepare yourself with all the proper tools to take the hunt to the Tundra and take down some new monsters.