Ultima Online Lead Designer Is Developing A Brand New MMO

Ultima Online Lead Designer Is Developing A Brand New MMO
Credit: Ultima Online

Ultima Online is arguably the greatest massively-multiplayer online game that ever existed. Originally released in 1997, the game brought an entirely new experience to players around the world, connecting each other through the power of the internet in a game world that was constantly evolving.

Since its release, the Ultima Online has seen a number of changes and improvements, and the game is still available to play today. That’s 22 years of history behind a single online game, which is unheard of these days.

The lead designer behind the project, Raph Koster, hasn’t been a part of the development for some time now, but he has resurfaced with his own brand-new development team called Playable Worlds. Koster has already brought in a lot of talent, with members of the team having worked for the likes of Disney, Sony Online, and even Marvel.

Other members include Mat Broome, an artist who is known for his work with both Marvel and DC Comics, as well as veteran tabletop and PC RPG designer Greg Costikyan.

The team is focused on making a game that appeals not only to the hardcore gaming crowd, but also the casual audience. Much of what made Ultima Online such a huge success was the freedom that players had to create whatever type of character they wanted and spend their time in-game however they pleased. Koster is looking to bring back that freedom, with players being able to do whatever they want at any time and not be restricted to combat and quests.

You can specialize in crafting in order to sell your goods to other players, take on quests throughout the world by yourself, hang out and chat with others, or even take part in PvP. Koster has also mentioned that the new MMO will be a completely new and original IP, allowing for even more creative freedom for the writers and development team.

Players will also benefit from being a part of a unique world, as their actions will no doubt have an impact on the future of the game.

Interest in Playable Worlds has grown quickly over the past year since the company was founded. Considering the talent and experience that is already a part of the development team, it’s not much of a surprise that investors have been very generous with funding, as the company has already brought in over $2.7 Million.

There’s no word on when we can expect to see more about their new project, but with the game being in the earliest stages of development, it will probably be another few years before anything substantial comes out. Until then, you can experience Ultima Online for free by visiting the game’s official website.