A Rakuten Sale Has Made The Switch Lite And Link’s Awakening Just $219; This Bundle Deal Won’t Last Forever

A Rakuten Sale Has Made The Switch Lite And Link’s Awakening Just $219; This Bundle Deal Won’t Last Forever
Credit: Open Surprise via YouTube

The Switch Lite is Nintendo’s latest version of their popular hybrid system. The one major difference between this system and a regular Switch is it’s completely portable. You won’t be able to dock it and play on the TV. The console hasn’t been out very long and already is receiving rave reviews.

The starting price for this latest Nintendo system is $200. That’s not a bad deal at all. It’s great for gamers who’re on a tighter budget and may not be able to afford the traditional Switch. Well, things are getting even sweeter for Lite lovers. Right now, Rakuten is having a sale that includes an epic bundle. For just $219 plus tax, gamers can get a Switch Lite and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. That’s an incredible value when you break it down.

When you think of Switch games, Link’s Awakening is a standout. It has all the elements you want in this type of action-adventure game. The graphics are so beautiful and the modern features take the Zelda franchise in a bold direction. Even the story is gripping. You would be hard-pressed to find a better video game, let alone Switch title.

As far as the Switch Lite, it’s awesome in a lot of ways. For one, the screen is now much easier to hold. You can take your gaming adventures on the go and have an easier time grasping the Lite’s smaller screen. However, it’s not noticeably smaller to where your gameplay is negatively impacted. Yes, you can’t take the Joy-Con controllers off on the sides, but that’s completely okay if you love taking your gaming wherever your travels take you.

Additionally, the Lite comes in three epic colors. The turquoise has certainly been a fan-favorite from the jump. It looks so beautiful and is a great display piece on its own. If you’ve held out on purchasing a Lite as to get a great deal, now may be the perfect time to act. This deal isn’t lasting forever and supply is limited.

For only $219 plus tax, you can get an incredible portable system and one of the staple games on the system. It’s the perfect way to get introduced to the Lite, quite honestly. Again, this deal can be found on the Rakuten site. You’ll just have to create an account, which is completely free to do. Then, just select your preferred Lite color and add the bundle to your cart. It’s that simple.