Ubisoft Had To Increase Their Server Capacity For Assassin’s Creed Unity After Players Poured In Following The Giveaway

Ubisoft Had To Increase Their Server Capacity For Assassin’s Creed Unity After Players Poured In Following The Giveaway
Credit: Ubisoft

Last Monday, the Notre Dame Cathedral was ablaze with fire which destroyed most of its wooden structures. This also caused the cathedral’s historical spire and attic to collapse.

Following this devastating event, generous people and companies all over the world poured in donations for the Cathedral.

Among them is Ubisoft which donated €500,000 to assist with the Cathedral’s restoration and rebuilding. Aside from that, the French video game company also offered Assassin’s Creed Unity to players for free to show their support.

Assassin’s Creed Unity was initially released in November of 2014. It’s set in the virtual representation of Paris in 1798 where the chaos of the French Revolution transformed the city.

In this game, the full-scale open world of Paris is featured. And it includes detailed building interiors and the popular monuments of Paris.

Among these historical landmarks is the Notre Dame Cathedral. Ubisoft mentioned that while they were creating the game, they developed a closer connection with the city and its landmark.

To give people the chance of experiencing the beauty of Notre Dame, they offered Assassin’s Creed Unity for free. Through this, people can have the chance to see the majesty of the historical monument up-close even just virtually.

Well, it appears like a lot of players really downloaded the game. Whether this is to explore Notre Dame virtually or just to take full advantage of the offer. Or both! Who doesn’t want to miss the chance of getting a game for free?

Because of this, more people are recently getting into the game compared to the years after its launch. Ubisoft even had to shut down its server for maintenance, lasting about an hour, in order to increase its capacity. The server maintenance occurred last April 19 at 7 AM UTC.

People can still download the game for free for PC at Uplay and the Ubisoft Store. The giveaway only lasts for a limited time and will end on April 25th. So be sure to grab it while it is available.

Video games don’t only provide their players with fun and entertainment. It takes them to a whole different life which allows them to explore and experience anything beyond their imagination.

From exploring landmarks they’ve never been to before to living the life of someone else, the possibilities are endless.

Through this decision of Ubisoft, a virtual world has been provided to bridge the gap. It allowed an opportunity to those who have never and can now never see the lost history of Notre Dame.