Ubisoft Confirms Season 4 Of Rainbow Six Siege To Be Called Operation Shifting Tides

Ubisoft Confirms Season 4 Of Rainbow Six Siege To Be Called Operation Shifting Tides
Credit: Zen via YouTube

The next expansion for Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 will forever be known as Operation Shifting Tides.

Ubisoft confirmed the next DLC on the game’s Twitter page on Nov. 6. The post was accompanied by a short clip showing the logo for the current season. The logo is imprinted on what appears to be a helipad as waves lash at the concrete structure. The caption reads, “The waves of change are on the horizon.”

Actually, it was not the first time that Ubisoft dropped the teaser. The clip was initially uploaded on the developer’s Arabic Twitter page. But it was quickly taken down, which fans took to mean was an error on Ubisoft’s part.

However, do not expect Ubisoft to reveal anything about the release date for Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shifting Tides. The company is known to keep that information up until the launch date is near.

With that said, gaming sites believe that more information will come out on Nov. 10. The announcement will be timed with the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals set in Tokoname, Japan. It’s a huge deal because it would be the first such competition to be held in Asia.

But the initial release date could possibly be in the first week of Dec. 2. If past launches are to be based, the release date for Operation Shifting Tides would be on Dec. 2. Afterwhich, the game will enter the technical test server for about 21 days.

As the year 4 roadmap revealed, the Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shifting Tides will introduce two new operators. While there is not much detail on the two specialists, one is an Indian, and the other one is Kenyan. It will also feature a multiplayer map, described as a Theme Park.

Introducing operators and maps has been the trend for Ubisoft in Rainbow Six Siege Year 4. In Season 1, the company introduced two Aussie operators, as well as an Outback map. In Season 2, an American operator and Danish operator were introduced, alongside a map rework (Kafe Dostoyevsky). In Season 3, a Peruvian operator and a Mexican operator were introduced, along with a rework of the Kanal map.

The Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shifting Tides may just be around the corner. More information is expected to trickle down from Ubisoft in the coming days. However, Season 4 pass holders will have first dibs on the game right after the technical test server.