Ubisoft Announces For Honor Year 3 Season 4 Sun Da, Launches November With New Hero ‘Zhanhu’ And Patch Notes 2.15.0

Ubisoft Announces For Honor Year 3 Season 4 Sun Da, Launches November With New Hero ‘Zhanhu’ And Patch Notes 2.15.0
Credit: Ubisoft North America via YouTube

Ubisoft recently announced that For Honor year 3 Season 4 Sun Da launches on November 7th and also will be on the following platforms:

• Xbox One
• PlayStation 4
• PC.

Those possessing the three-year pass will have access to the Sun Da content immediately upon release. For players without the pass will have to wait till November 14th to unlock the content by spending 15,000 steel. The newest Hero on the block, the Zhanhu, is playable as a male, Sun Da, or as a female Fu Huo Fighting for the Wu Lin banner. So what then is the Sun Da, it’s a dark force that travels west carrying dread and terror into battle.

The female Zhanhu fights in the service to Empress Dou, moving out to free the might of the Wu Lin, raining fear down on her enemies as an unpredictable warrior. Sturdy and agile, the Zhanhu are stealth-attack experts who rely on their mobility and wield a long, single-edged kunai named Changdao. They also possess the skills of a master archer. They can easily use new types of attacks and feats to torch the enemy and wreak havoc on the war-zone.

Gameplay—New Update

Year 3 Season 4 commences after the wreckage caused by a massive sandstorm in the Wu Lin territories. Most warriors fled west and found refuge in Heathmoor, not all though; some stayed behind to help in rebuilding the army. Among them, Sun Da, chief of the Zhanhu, discovered new tactics to use fire in his laboratory at Qiang Pass, newest map.
At the narrow pass nuzzled between two mountains, the Wu Lin built a grand fortress to claim the strategic route. With both mountains, the army defending had to protect one front until a disaster debilitated the defenses. Now enemies at Qiang Pass, open a path for their invading. Let’s quickly look at the patch update for the latest feats.

Can now heal on the block
• Newly added: no longer activated by pikemen and soldiers.
• Newly added: no longer triggered if the Hero blocks an ally attack
Here’s what the developers at Ubisoft had to say: ”Heroes in the minion lane could trigger Full Block Stance and gain full bouts of energy very quickly and still be challenging to be forced out of the minion lane.

Morale Booster
• Now the duration of the buff has been reduced to 20s (from 30s)
• Also, the attack buff that impacts the whole team has been dramatically reduced to +30% (from +50%)

• Now, the attack buff affecting the entire teams has been equally decreased to +25% (from +35%)
• Now the duration of the buff is also reduced to 20s (before 30s)
• Major bug fix: These effects remain active even with the caster dying.
Here’sHere’s what the developer had to say: ”Map-wide buffs, Battlecry, and mostly, Morale Booster are athletic feats that easily turn the fate of a battle, making them last blows to close out games. By reducing the buff levels and durations, we hope to make them less excruciating while remaining powerful when used with proper timing.

• Again, the defense debuff that affects the whole enemy team was decreased to +15% (from +35%)
• The ”Extra Stamina Usage” for the entire enemy team is now reduced to the point of +25% (from +35%)
• The ”Bounty Given’Given’ for blows increased at to +50% (from +15%)
• The duration decreased to 20s (from 45s)

Targeted/Marked for Death
• The defense debuff decreased to +15% (from +25%)
• The duration decreased to 20s (from 30s)
Here’s what the developer had to say: ”scout used in combination with map-wide attack buff Feats (Moral Booster) helped coordinated teams cause collateral damage on the whole enemy team for an extended period, making the combination so vital in closing out games. Although these combinations are powerful, teams will have to pick the right moment to capitalize on the buff.

The developers also notified of the ongoing changes on Marked for Death to make it consistent with the debuffs Scout gives the opposing team, so the description of using Marked for Death on the enemy team is precise.