UBERMOSH:OMEGA Is Steam’s Daily Deal, Bringing Hardcore Arcade Score Grinding Back To Popularity

UBERMOSH:OMEGA Is Steam’s Daily Deal, Bringing Hardcore Arcade Score Grinding Back To Popularity
Credit: Walter Machado via YouTube

If you’re unsure as to what UBERMOSH is, you’re not entirely alone.  It’s a small cult-like arcade game that focuses on a very tight gameplay loop; murder everything and don’t die.  The action is fast and frenetic, dying happens quickly, and there’s a core of dedicated players that upload screenshots of their ungodly scores, taunting each other in an ever-escalating high-score war.  It’s not for the faint of heart, nor the casual player that’s looking for a story and dialogue.  If you’re looking for a twin-stick shooter that’s blisteringly fast and competitive, however, you could do far worse than UBERMOSH.

UBERMOSH:OMEGA is the newest entry to the UBERMOSH franchise, and brings along all of the tasty goodies that players have come to expect in the game.  Players choose a Saint, all with various specialties and abilities that require different methodologies of tactics and play.  Swords and firearms are still the staples of the game, where your sword can cut bullets and reflect them back to your attackers, while weapons help frag from a distance and keep players from becoming too overwhelmed.

There are six various Saints to choose from in this edition, all with various weapon abilities, and some with psychic powers that can help stem the hordes of villainy that stain the floor.  One should know that the gameplay is fast and furious, and you’ll likely hit SSS+ ranking in all characters well within ten hours, at which point extraction occurs.

With roughly 5,000 kills in order to successfully extract, it can take Saints anywhere from 2 minutes to 5 minutes to successfully clear that many, depending on how aggressive they are and how quickly they’re successfully clearing hordes.

If you’re bummed by the limited play-time after falling in love with the tight gameplay, take heart; there are seven other UBERMOSH titles in the franchise, and you can pick up UBERMOSH Volume 7 right now for $0.50.

While UBERMOSH Volume 3 had an infinite playing area, be prepared to be severely restricted in movement on this title.  Saints spawn in a triangle that is slightly larger than the game screen, and moving too far outside of the game area results in extraction as well; they won’t even take one of your limited lives, simply back to the menu in an unceremonious event.

While UBERMOSH:OMEGA is the newest staple, and one that many fans of the series find to be the best so far, there are still improvements to be made.  A massive upgrade would be the developer Walter Machado offering a frame-rate beyond 60fps.  In a game as wild and fast-paced as UBERMOSH, the lack of 120fps is a noticeable deterrent to many PC gamers.  Also, the color palette in this edition is a bit jarring; the stains that your enemies leave are decidedly neon, and it can become difficult to discern where and what everything is happening.

If it sounds remotely interesting, you have a rough (and fun) couple of days in front of you as a Saint in a pit of combat.