Two Top Valorant Players Were Just Manually Banned For Cheating By Riot After Weeks Of Play

Two Top Valorant Players Were Just Manually Banned For Cheating By Riot After Weeks Of Play
Credit: Valorant

Here’s a note: cheaters typically talk tons of smack in video games. Whether they’re congratulating themselves on Twitter or just flaming everyone near them, it’s a tale that has been told infinitely in the past, and will more than likely continue well into the future.

Two players of Riot’s Valorant were just recently banned from the title in a move that they attempted to play off initially as ‘taking a break’.

It wasn’t until a Riot staff member, Matt Paoletti, asked them to not cheat the next time they come back that the truth outed as to precisely how some of the loudest members of the North America team, Echo 8.

It nearly writes itself as to the sudden fallout that is occurring on social media; Phox attempted to indemnify his actions by stating that he has a history of self-harming when he loses.

‘Phox’, along with his teammate on Echo 8 ‘weak’ have both been banned, and have stated that ‘none of our teammates knew we were cheating’.

The interesting aspect of all of this, however, is that the bans were allegedly manual; Riot’s invasive anti-cheat that has somehow caused the disdain of the public for offering the root-level anti-cheat failed to recognize the cheats that two high-ranking members of Valorant were using.

Which brings into question the entire purpose of the anti-cheat running at a root-level, if users can compete in invitation tourneys with reckless abandon, offering sight through smokes and aim-assist while raking in prize pools that would go to otherwise more scrupulous competitors.

Further, this paints a concerning picture for Valorant as a whole in the near-future: Riot is apparently struggling to find cheaters and ban them prior to skewing results, which may invite more cheaters in the near future that are better versed in hiding the various clues that players have learned to pick up on in older titles, such as Counter-Strike.

An interesting note is that Phox was caught cheating in both Counter-Strike and Fortnite.

This brings about a new topic, or theory, involving universal ban-lists for developers to use. If an individual lacks the empathy enough to cheat in Counter-Strike, they assuredly will continue to cheat in every title they possibly can.

Hardware ID’s could come into play, as long as developers agree to scrupulous standards to verify that cheats have been used, although Hardware ID’s could be spoofed as easily as circumventing other anti-cheats.

Echo 8 is an orgless team within Valorant; they are preparing for the upcoming PAX Arena Invitational which begins tomorrow on July 22 and holds a $25,000 prize pool.