Twitch Streamer Annemunition Releases New Clothing And Merch In Collab With JINX

Twitch Streamer Annemunition Releases New Clothing And Merch In Collab With JINX
Credit: Annemunition via Youtube

Twitch streamers are always looking for new ways to add to their income, as are we all, and a popular way to do so is via paid sponsorships, or by selling merchandise. Popular streamer Annemunition has opted for the latter and has recently released a new line of items in conjunction with a website called JINX.

The website has hosted apparel and accessories for several other big names, such as another popular streamer you might have heard of called Shroud. Annemunition herself streams a variety of content, including battle royales like Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG, and also shooters like Overwatch. She even does playthroughs of single player games like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War.

The streamer is well known for more than her videos, following a controversy back in May of 2018. Following extreme harassment over voice coms by fellow Rainbow Six teammates, she posted a video of the incident on her Twitter page which quickly went viral. The streamer remarked,

“Why don’t you use voice chat?’ ‘Why can’t I find a girlfriend who plays video games?’ ‘Why do you mute people who ask you if you’re a girl?’ Gee, I dunno.”

Annemunition also further proved her point during the video by only making helpful comments and remarks for her team during the gameplay, but for these individuals, her gender was all that was needed to fuel the extreme toxicity. One of the players involved with the harassment has since issued a half-hearted apology via his now-deleted Twitter account, which Annemunition took graciously.

It is good to see that despite hateful incidents like this, that Annemunition is thriving and growing her channel, which now has a total of 538,582 followers, and is the 254th most followed channel on Twitch. This new merch line is a good sign that she is continuing to expand.

Speaking of the merch, JINX has done a great job with the apparel, which has shirt options for males and females. All of the items look to be high quality as shown on their website, and the actual designs of the shirts are aesthetically pleasing. There is also a snapback hat and enamel pin offered for sale at $29.99 and $8.99 respectively. Annemunition herself models the female shirts, which features two separate designs.

If you support her channel now is a great time to make it known! She will surely appreciate the support, and it goes to a good cause, as she has shown she is not afraid to stick up for herself and others facing similar mistreatment while gaming.