Twitch Prime Members Can Add Jim Brown Into Ultimate Team On Madden 20

Twitch Prime Members Can Add Jim Brown Into Ultimate Team On Madden 20
Credit: Twitch Prime

Every month Twitch Prime gives its members a unique gift in many games. This time Twitch Prime members are able to unlock Jim Brown to play on Madden 20 Ultimate Team. The NFL legend is free of charge for members who have linked their Amazon Prime accounts to Twitch.

The retired running back from the Cleveland Browns will be the first time in Madden that a 9-time pro-bowl winner and NFL champion is added to Ultimate Team. This will be a once in a series chance to use this legendary player. If you are a Madden fan, then this is a must-have addition to your Ultimate Team.

That is not all that Twitch Prime members are getting. During the NFL season kickoff, players can claim a special uniform for use in Madden 20 Ultimate Team. This is only one small part of a lot of free content given to Twitch Prime members, and the list continues to grow for great giveaways.

Madden 20 Ultimate Team is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game only costs $59.99 and is a great game to kick off the NFL season. This is the first major giveaway of this type done by Twitch Prime, and they urge players to redeem it while the offer is still active.

That is not all that Twitch Prime is giving away. Members can get free copies of Wonder Boy, Pumped BMX Pro, Maple & The Wood, and Automachef. These titles are available through Twitch Prime’s regular site and can be redeemed by all current members.

There are great offers on Twitch Prime for Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and many other major titles. There are so many perks for being a subscriber; it honestly sounds too good to be true.

If your not a Twitch Prime member but you have Amazon Prime, you can link your account at no extra charge. The process is simple; all you have to do is sign up for Amazon Prime and then link your Amazon account to your Twitch account in the Twitch settings. The list of free content for major titles continues to grow every month, so it is a must-have for any dedicated gamer.

So now is your chance to unlock a football legend for your roster. Keep your eyes open as Twitch Prime continues to give away titles, goodies, and sometimes even swag to players who catch their deals.