Triternion’s Medieval Multiplayer Hack-And-Slasher Game, Mordhau, Is Arriving On PC On April 29

Triternion’s Medieval Multiplayer Hack-And-Slasher Game, Mordhau, Is Arriving On PC On April 29

Roughly two years have passed since Mordhau successfully reached their goals of crowdfunding on Kickstarter. It received nearly $300,000 in funds, which is actually way beyond its targeted $80,000 goal.

Through this fund, developers can deliver its base game, additional weapons, and armor, mod tools, as well as competitive matchmaking. And now it’s about time for the project to be brought to life.

Triternion, the developer behind this game, has finally announced the official release date for Mordhau. This upcoming medieval multiplayer hack-and-slasher action game is scheduled for release on the 29th of April for Windows PC.

Mordhau is a multiplayer slasher game which can be played as a first and third person online and even offline. It features a chaotic battlefield where up to 64 players enter and brawl each other as mercenaries.

Here, players will get to experience the addicting melee combat anytime and anywhere. They can join cavalry charges and siege various castles. Players can fight against hordes of AI opponents or even other users.

The combat looks believable as Mordhau balances its gameplay as realism. The whole experience is just like what people would expect in a medieval war.

There are tons of customization options available – from the face of a character, their weapons, as well as their armor. They have the freedom to choose and make everything unique to their character. There is also a huge arsenal of equipment and weapons to choose from.

Players can fight with their enemies using swords, bow and arrows, and more. Users can also just step back, sit, and build their own defense fortifications. There are tons of unique style to choose from and strategy to explore.

Mordhau also features two different modes which are the Frontline as well as the Battle Royale. The battle royale mode will throw players in a large map and start with only their fist as their weapon.

They would have to look for weapons and fight their way in becoming the last standing player. Of course, this also features a circle closing in on players as time passes forcing them on a face off.

The first one to reach and take the enemy’s base wins the game.

This will be available for purchase through Steam on the 29th of April. And its official trailer has already been revealed a few days ago and can be viewed through their YouTube channel.

The frontline mode is a conquest style gameplay where players will experience sieges and horse combat. In this more, there will be two teams who will compete on a large map. To play this, the team needs to capture the enemy’s control points through a linear order.