Tri-Heart Interactive’s The Otterman Empire Launches Into Otter Space On July 2

Tri-Heart Interactive’s The Otterman Empire Launches Into Otter Space On July 2
Credit: Otterman Empire via Steam

Publisher and developer Tri-Heart Interactive has announced the release date for its upcoming action multiplayer game The Otterman Empire. The game will be released simultaneously on PC via Steam, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

The Otterman Empire takes place far away in “otter space,” where several species live together. The main focus of the game are animated versions of furry otters, except in this game, these creatures can jump and leap with jetpacks and attack with water guns and other projectiles.

However, their colonies are in danger. The heroes have to band together with a variety of tools that will test any player’s skills.

The empire takes place in a variety of regions, each with challenging elements. The fight will span all across the galaxy on eight different planets.

A short 30-second trailer showcases some of the action players will get to experience. There are many tall buildings and other platforms to leap across to leap and attack from. Each game mode is only two-minutes long and provides a new experience each time.

Throughout the game, players can unlock more content. There are unlockable levels, additional customizable characters, plus the option to earn stars to unlock skins to customize their otter characters. The skins give characters more personality and also make them stand out from others online.

The game controls are easy enough for anyone to pick up and start playing but will take some time to master the skills.

Multiplayer features four-player teams in either co-op or versus mode. Players can fight alone or with friends. The game is available online through Steam remote play. When playing local multiplayer, a controller is required. Some of the custom options are displayed on the Steam page, which includes powerful battle suits, dual-wielding water guns, and different styles of jet packs.

Currently, cross-play on PC and platforms isn’t supported. There are plans to add online multiplayer across platforms in the future, but there’s no planned release date at this time.

Players interested in playing the game can add it to their wishlists now.

The Otterman Empire launches on July 2 for PC via Steam, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.