Trek Towards Heaven In The Deckbuilding Rouge RPG One Step From Eden

Trek Towards Heaven In The Deckbuilding Rouge RPG One Step From Eden
Credit: Thomas Moon Kang

I generally don’t like to play the comparison game with things. If someone put in the time and effort to create something new, it should be able to stand on its own without immediately bringing to mind something that came before it. Of course, such a thing can’t be avoided, especially in video games, and though the desire for originality is great, the work as a whole shouldn’t suffer in a straining effort to be totally inventive.

And yet, here arrives One Step From Eden, a game, by the creator’s own admission, takes cues from both classic rogue games, and the bygone action-RPG Megaman Battle Network. And while the parallels are certainly recognizable to anyone even remotely familiar with the series, it brings more than enough to the table to stand on its own quick-moving feet.

A mix of bullet hell and card battling, One Step From Eden features many avenues that lend itself to the gameplay. Create your own unique deck to best suit your style of play from over 200 spells, with a variety of combos and synergy, not unlike the Battle Chips from game inspiration Megaman Battle Network. Also featured in the game is local co-op, PVP, and procedurally generated worlds, as well as enemies that learn and evolve with every battle.

The game features eight playable characters, each with their own skillset that makes the game all the more inventive and refreshing. Navigate your own path as you move through battles, and fight through intense boss battles. A special feature present is the ability to decide whether to show mercy to a fallen foe, or ruthlessly slay them.

Each choice will have consequences, but showing mercy can have some decidedly good payoffs. And you’ll need all the help you can get as you make your way to the paradise of Eden, the last bastion in a post-apocalypse.

Having launched January 3rd 2019, One Step From Eden started its campaign with a bang (and a plushie), and saw 100% funding in only 2 days. Since then, the developer has kept in touch with backers and the steadily growing fanbase, and an in-depth roadmap, culminating with the game seeing a Switch release in 2020.

The campaign finished at 2300 backers and 460% funded, further showcasing just what the right sort of promotion and interaction can do for an indie game. The creator, Thomas Moon Kang, has been in regular contact with those who’ve offered support, as well as doing the ideal move that needs to become a better mainstay in games; offering a demo. By giving players a chance to dip their toes in the water, further support, and hype, can be brought to the table.

One Step From Eden is expected to release in 2020, for PC and Nintendo Switch.