Traffic Management Sim Urban Flow Drives Onto Nintendo Switch On June 26

Traffic Management Sim Urban Flow Drives Onto Nintendo Switch On June 26
Credit: Urban Flow via YouTube

Baltoro Games has announced its newest game, Urban Flow, a street traffic puzzle game. The causal game is being launched as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

In Urban Flow, players control the flow of traffic within a city. With so many vehicles, players have to strategize how to control traffic to ensure everyone gets to their destinations on time.

There are multiple modes for the game. The main Campaign has over 100 levels to complete that get harder as the game progresses, and players learn how to control the game. Each level takes place in a busy intersection filled with hundreds of tiny cars, ambulances, and even a tank. Make a mistake and watch the pile-ups occur, which provides plenty of entertainment but also fails the level. Players also have to prepare for the weather hazards that can make traffic worse.

In Chill mode, the action slows down with no rush and no score. Players can gently guide traffic without worrying so much about people making it to their destinations on time.

Endless mode allows players to play a level for as long as possible. The level ends when traffic does not flow properly and causes hazards for everyone.

Urban Flow also offers an exciting local multiplayer mode. In Party mode, 2-4 players can work together to manage the flow of traffic. With so many working, it can either be a fun or frustrating experience.

By switching the lights, the city will be kept safe from major traffic jams. The developer states that the game is aimed for fans of puzzles with plenty of actions, engaging single-player content, multiplayer fun, and urban music. Local co-op players can drop-in or out at any time.

The trailer showcases the gameplay on how to “tame the chaos” and some of the special vehicles in action. In one scene, the streets are filled with tanks. Another scene shows an ambulance racing through the streets with a green timer above it, indicating it’s a priority vehicle.

The more challenges players take on, the more rewards they can unlock. The game is rated E for everyone, making it a family-friendly choice.

Since the game will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, it will utilize the console’s unique features. Players can use the touch controls, Pro controls, or Joy-cons.

Urban Flow launches on June 26 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.