Torghast Dungeon In The World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Expansion Provide A Randomized World In Every Visit

Torghast Dungeon In The World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Expansion Provide A Randomized World In Every Visit
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

The new expansion to the World of Warcraft game became one of the spotlights in the recent Blizzcon. Entitled Shadowlands, the team developers, divulged much information and what we need to expect with the new expansion.

Torghast, the new significant addition to the expanding universe of WoW, is a dungeon that changes continuously. This means visiting the area would be unique each time, and players won’t be getting the same experience for every visit. This was explained by Paul Kubit, WoW’s Senior Game Designer.

The area is located in the Maw, a netherworld prison where damned souls reside. Players need to journey through the land of Maw to reach the towers of Torghast. Within the tower, players will go through grueling combats with characters that include minions and the Maw’s Jailer.

One exciting aspect of the expansion is the influx of minions based on your preconceived in-game actions. It is worth noting that the Jailer within the areas of the Maw and the tower of Torghast will be watching you, and the more you cause a stir, the more forces he’ll be releasing.

This new addition to the WoW game is not something done in any video game. The randomized rendition of the Torghast world brings a new and exciting concept to the MMORPG game. Nonetheless, according to the game director, Ion Hazzikostas, this was an inspiration to the challenges brought by the genre.

Blizzard released a cinematic teaser of the new Tower of the Damned, where Sylvanas Windrunner breaks the barriers between the living and death worlds. This episode plays a significant impact on how the gameplay concludes once they reach the new level 60 is capped.

The company director describes this improvement as the second major WoW feature because the tower itself brings a whole new level of gameplay. It is something never seen in any game before, even referencing the Tower of Torghast as an “endless dungeon.”

One of the best things about Blizzard Entertainment and the new WoW expansion is how they try to marry the conventional MMORPG concept with new ideas. The Tower of Torghast might sound similar to FFIV’s Palace of the Dead, but Blizzard sure puts a spin to the conventional way we play these types of RPG. The endless dungeon sure proves to give every player the excitement.