Top Gear DLC Has Come To Forza Horizon 4; A Trailer Announcement Shows Off The New Cars That Will Be Included

Top Gear DLC Has Come To Forza Horizon 4; A Trailer Announcement Shows Off The New Cars That Will Be Included
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

When it comes to racing games, there’s one series that always seems to top the charts. That is none other than Forza Horizon. Time and time again, the developers at Playground Games introduce fans to some amazing cars and authentic driving mechanics.

Forza Horizon 4 was one of the better installments in the series. Now, it appears the developers are crossing over with the iconic Top Gear. That’s according to reports from Microsoft.

Top Gear is a popular British television series that has been a fan-favorite ever since it first aired back in 2002. The cast is iconic and the car challenges are always pretty outside the box. It’s amazing to see Forza Horizon 4 feature Top Gear content, especially if you’ve been watching the series over the years.

The content will be narrated by Chris Harris and new story chapters will be included. In addition to these updates, new cars will be featured. This is what playing the Forza Horizon games is all about, after all.

The new vehicles being included in this pack are the 65 Mini Cooper, 1999 Lotus Elise, Porsche 911 GT2 RS, and the 500bhp Track-tor. These are great additions to an already great game. Additionally, completing the Top Gear missions will give you access to even more cars.

To promote this new DLC, Forza Horizon 4 just showed off an official announcement trailer. Heavily featured in it is the Track-tor. It’s a pretty amazing machine, to be honest. It’s pretty much a tractor on steroids. It’s actually pretty nimble, can hit fast speeds, and is an off-roading dream. Taking it through the backwoods and muddy environments should prove to be a fun time.

A Mercedes sedan is also featured with off-roading tires on the top. This car has been featured a lot in the Top Gear episodes, so it’s only right that players would have the chance to drive it.

This DLC update is great to see. Playground Games always seem to go above and beyond when providing new content to this game. It gives owners of the game a lot of content to look forward to, and certainly makes their purchase worth it in the end.

Who knows what other updates the developers will come up with next? There are so many possibilities and so many great cars that can still be featured. If they continue to give fans updates like this Top Gear DLC, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this series go down as an all-time great.