THQ Nordic Drops Upcoming Updates For Saint’s Row, Dead Island 2, And Timesplitters Games

THQ Nordic Drops Upcoming Updates For Saint’s Row, Dead Island 2, And Timesplitters Games
Credit: IGN via YouTube

THQ Nordic has just dropped great news for fans of three of its games including the Saint’s Row Series, Dead Island 2, and TimeSplitters. The announcement was released before the game publisher announced that development for the inclusion of submarines in their other game World of Warships.

THQ Nordic’s latest financial report clearly emphasized that Volition, the game’s developers were, “deep in development” for the brand-new Saints Row game. They also added that this will be a full-entry game to the beloved series since the release of its last installment. This also confirms that the game would be titled, Saints Row V and not a spin-off like the Gat out of Hell expansion which was released in 2013.

Not only did THQ Nordic have good news on the Saints Row Series but the game publisher is also working on the TimeSplitters game. THQ Nordic purchased the franchise in 2018, and the co-creator of the series has joined forces with the game dev team to “plot the future course” of the game. The last sequel released for the TimeSplitters game was way back in 2005 entitled Future Perfect.

Though from what we understand, these games are already in development, THQ Nordic was not clear on the release dates of the new installments. If the Saint’s Row game is really in in-depth development, then it would be just months on its release. But if the TimeSplitters game is still being planned, it might take years before its completion.

Additionally, Dambuster Studios have been relegated with the development of the Dead Island franchise. They were also responsible for the previously released Homefront: The Revolution game. And the dev team will be “leading the development” for the Dead Island series. The game, though has been reported to experience difficulties as Yager Development was the first team to handle development followed by Sumo Digital in 2016. No statement has been made whether either dev teams will still be involved with the game.

THQ Nordic also announced the acquisition of the Darksiders III game developers Gunfire Games. This was announced by CEO Lars Wingefors stating that the company is strengthening their “footprints in the US” and the company is adding the talents and experience of the development team who worked and collaborated with the Darksiders game.

It looks like THQ Nordic has their hands full this year and we hopefully would like to hear more details about the upcoming releases.