The Zombie Apocalypse Has Returned As Dead Age 2 Has Released Its Announcment Trailer With A Tentative Release Date Of June 2020

The Zombie Apocalypse Has Returned As Dead Age 2 Has Released Its Announcment Trailer With A Tentative Release Date Of June 2020
Credit: Headup Games via Youtube

The sequel to the successful indie survival RPG Dead Age has been announced. Silent Dreams is bringing back their unique mix of role-playing, rogue-like, survival adventure. The game takes heavy inspiration from Darkest Dungeon, The Walking Dead, This War of Mine, and other title.

The game builds upon the foundations set in the original release. Dead Age 2 blends survival, management, and classic role-playing action. Every decision you make will impact the story and affect the way that the plot progresses. The game brings back zombie survival and mixes it with some new and innovative design that its unexpected from the genre.

It has been ten years after the initial outbreak. The members of Jack’s camp have fled to Freedom City, where a cure for the zombie plague was developed. New factions have appeared in the creation, and a constant battle for dominance is warring between the Military and the Smugglers.

After an Independents’ refugee camp is overrun by an undead horde, the few survivors are left in a unforgiving world. Join them in a struggle for food, resources, and avoid the constant gangs of looters and the undead plague.

This game has built past the level of Dead Age. If you have not played the original, the complex story of Dead Age 2 will still be easy to follow. Fast-paced strategic battles update on the base system from the original game. The game has rogue-like elements that will add random 3D events with permadeath. Each time you die, you can unlock upgrades that will aid you in your next playthrough.

Manage a 3D base and assign tasks to survivors. This base acts as a central hub of operations. You can assign crafting and building jobs to your survivors, which will let you build and upgrade stations. You can improve your quality of life or unlock better craftable items for a better chance at survival.

Decisions have consequences within this game. As you gain reputation with one faction, you lose it with another. Players will have to take sides and decide how best they would survive with Dead Age 2. 

Dead Age 2 is planned for Early Access come June 3, 2020. In eight weeks, fans have a chance to try their hand at surviving the apocalypse. For more information, check out the game’s Steam page and Twitter as the developers continue to provide updates on their progress. Dead Age 2 challenges players to survive the unsurvivable and conquer the zombie-filled landscape.