The Witcher 3 Has Amassed $50 Million In Sales On Steam According To CD Projekt Red

The Witcher 3 Has Amassed $50 Million In Sales On Steam According To CD Projekt Red
Credit: IGN via YouTube

It’s always impressive to see a beloved game have a huge resurgence years after launching. It brings that game back in the spotlight, where new gamers can experience it for the first time. This keeps happening with The Witcher 3 by CD Projekt Red. It’s red hot right now in terms of commercial success.

The game has always been a fantastic RPG. Geralt of Rivia is an amazing protagonist and the fantasy elements incorporated into the game have given so many developers inspiration since it released five years ago.

A sales figure was just shared by CD Projekt Red. As of October 2018, The Witcher 3 has amassed around $50 million in sales on Steam. That’s an incredible feat that any game would be lucky to achieve in today’s competitive gaming market.

It’s now 2020 and even still, this game is putting up impressive numbers in terms of Steam users. A huge reason for this new wave of success is because of the Netflix show. Ever since it was first announced, the excitement for this franchise started to build again. Henry Cavil as Geralt really is a perfect match. He has his looks and mannerisms down perfectly.

Anya Chalotra as Yennefer also was the perfect casting. She has a huge presence on screen and her transformation just in the first season alone was quite impressive to see. These two have catapulted the franchise to new heights, and that’s incredible to see if you’ve grown up playing these stellar video games.

As we approach season 2 of The Witcher, you can built the buzz for The Witcher 3 will grow more and more. Who knows how much more commercial success it will go on to achieve before its flame starts to die down a bit? Wherever it lands, it will go down as one of the best video games of all time.

If you still haven’t had the chance to experience it firsthand, there’s no better time than now. It’s currently very cheap on the PlayStation store, and you can bet Steam will provide some discounts here and there.

The game is amazing in the content department. There are so many things to do aside from the main story. The characters you’ll get to interact with are also interesting. CD Projekt Red nailed the openness of the environments in this game as well. You can explore to your hearts content, whether you’re finishing off the main story or just heading to collect some epic loot. The Witcher 3 really hits all of the right notes.