The Waylanders Is Coming To Steam Early Access With A New Trailer And A Celtic Theme

The Waylanders Is Coming To Steam Early Access With A New Trailer And A Celtic Theme
Credit: Gato Studio via Youtube

Spanish developer Gato Studio has been planning the release of their upcoming title The Waylanders since last year. The game is now looking at a Steam Early Access release sometime this year, bringing a new party-based RPG. The game draws inspiration from similar RPG titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition with its own unique style and gameplay mechanics.

The Warlanders is planned for a summer release, but there is no confirmed date for when it will leave Early Access or arrive on consoles. The Celtic Locations trailer gives a good look at the upcoming regions that will be featured within this game.

After an accident finds you untethered from time, you enter a world full of magic and corruption. A once peaceful kingdom has splintered into multiple factions at war over who will sit on the throne. Explore the Celtic culture, a world of complex politics and mystical monsters. It is up to you whether you support the immature yet rightful heir, or if you would rather an experienced general take the lead.

You are able to travel between the Celtic and Medieval eras. Two different times where you must find your immortal allies, and find the souls of your mortal friends. The unique RPG built here is a lasting attempt at time travel mechanics.

Explore a story written by internationally acclaimed scriptwriters and music by Emmy award-winner Inon Zur. The game is full of deep lore that reflects a traditional conflict with multiple endings. Player’s choice in one time period will be reflected in the other, allowing players to feel the impact of their choices in a new and surprising way.

Your character is fully customizable with six basic classes and 30 advanced classes. There are five races available for players to choose from. Each of these races is based on Celtic mythology and give multiple different origins for your characters to come from.

The game also includes companions which are a vital part of modern RPGs. The Waylanders offers a bunch of different companions that can join players on their journey. Be sure to talk to your companions to discover their past and play loyalty missions to build a relationship with them. There are even romantic options built into this title.

The Waylanders is planned for a summer 2020 Steam Early Access release. Interested fans can find more information on the game’s main Steam page, or contact the game developers on Facebook and Twitter.