Experience A New Futuristic Puzzle As Slinger VR Has Made Its Way Onto Steam

Experience A New Futuristic Puzzle As Slinger VR Has Made Its Way Onto Steam
Credit: Empyrean via Youtube

Empyrean is a newly released VR puzzle game where you fly and leap through areas by swinging on what appear to be energy beams. Explore the vast spaces and abstract structures that have formed from your character’s mind. Activate transmitter, battle enemies, and explore the strange world.

This action-adventure puzzle VR game filled with levels that will make you think outside the box. Each level is designed to be a challenge, and the difficulty only increases with time.

Fly through the air using your state of the art WHSK-03 devices. These unique tools let you attach to energy hooks and swing using elastic contracting ropes. Players can gain attachments throughout the game that allow them to add an emergency booster engine to their rig. There is even an upgrade that will allow players to slow down the flow of time.

The goal of each level is to locate and leap through a special portal. Sometimes, the challenge is to activate transmitters to power the portal; other times, it is simply a matter of finding it. Each portal will transport you to a new stage and level, which will be even more challenging than the last.

This is more than simply a parkouring simulator, as players must take on a variety of enemies. Depending on the portal, the enemy might shoot, stun, eat, or destroy you in a ton of different ways. It is up to you on how to handle them, whether you toss them into an abyss or blow them up with a rocket.

Slinger VR seems to be a challenge both mentally and physically. There are four different enemy types within the game, with three levels of difficulty. Enjoy 20 full levels of challenges that will make you feel the rush and think outside the box.

Empyrean has only recently released this title, but so far, the reviews are coming back positive. Players are describing the title as a “futurist spiderman” as it allows you to fly through the air attached to an electronic web.

For more information, be sure to check out the Steam page. Slinger VR is available on Steam for $14.99 and is currently available for 15% off, bringing the price to $12.74. The game does require a virtual reality headset, and it supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Valve Index. There is more information available about this title and its developer on their main website for interested fans to discover.