The Turn-Based Strategy Game XCOM 2 Is Free On The Steam Store This Weekend

The Turn-Based Strategy Game XCOM 2 Is Free On The Steam Store This Weekend
Credit: Global Panorama via Flickr (license)

If you have a PC and regularly use the Steam platform, you know how many great deals you have access to each weekend. This upcoming weekend is no different as Steam is enabling its users to play the addicting XCOM 2 for free.

That’s right. For no money at all, you can explore this fun turn-based strategy game. It’s one of the better titles of its genre, which first hit the market back in 2016. There’s a lot to love with this game.

It follows up after the events that took place in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Humanity just lost the war with alien invaders. The mission now is simple: defeat the decade-long alien reign and reclaim what was once ours.

You can’t help but get sucked into your customizable characters. You feel for their plight and want them to succeed on every turned-based combat scene. One wrong decision can result in perma-death, an interesting game design that seems to be missing in a lot of top-rated games today.

Another intriguing element of this sequel is the ability to lose, even when you make the perfect moves. Somehow bad luck is all that’s needed to put an end to your success. It can be frustrating at times, but also great because it constantly keeps you guessing and on your combat heels.

The campaign is full of randomness. It’s great in a sense because you don’t really feel a sense of repetition when trying to take down enemy forces. Even the normal difficulty is pretty hard for most players, making it all the more satisfying when you have success in the various battles.

The weapon variety and soldier stat boosts are quite dynamic as well. You’ll spend hours in the campaign hoping to get something good so that you’ll have the upper hand in the next battle. The mission variety is also compelling from the very start.

Each mission is a bit different. You’re not sure where enemies will be or whether you’ll start out attacking or defending. It’s like you never really have footing and gaining momentum is a treat when it happens.

If you’re up for a challenging game that has fun mechanics and great maps, XCOM 2 is a must-play title on the PC. Again, it can be played for free this weekend. If you do end up liking it so much, you can purchase it from the Steam Store and get 75% off.