The Heavily Anticipated Doom Eternal Is Making Its Way To Google Stadia

The Heavily Anticipated Doom Eternal Is Making Its Way To Google Stadia
Credit: Instacodez

If you’re a gamer, you probably already know that Google is developing its own streaming service for gaming. It will be called Google Stadia, and apparently, will rival what Netflix did for movies. The future of gaming seems to be shifting towards streaming, so it’s only right that Google would jump in the mix and battle it out with industry giants like Sony and Microsoft.

However, when this streaming service was announced, there weren’t any details about what games would be offered on it. Now, it has been confirmed that the upcoming Doom Eternal will be hitting the streaming service. This is a huge title and it’s amazing to see Google land it right out of the gate.

Doom Eternal is one of the more anticipated AAA games that’s expected to hit the market this year. Apparently, it will run 4K with HDR support at 60 frames per second on the Stadia platform. This is incredible news if you plan on utilizing the Stadia platform as a gaming service.

This first-person shooter, developed by iD Software, is the fifth main installment of the Doom series. It’s also a sequel to 2016’s Doom. You’ll get the chance to reprise the role of the Doom Slayer, whose main goal is to defeat whatever demonic forces come his way.

Much of the combat mechanics are geared towards a push style of play, where you’re constantly mowing down demons with some pretty spectacular weapons. That’s always been a major highlight of the Doom games. You don’t really need to exercise a lot of strategy and stealth. You can pick up the controls with no prior knowledge and feel like a total berserker.

The melee mechanics are also usually pretty memorable. The ability to chainsaw through various enemies never gets old, much like what the Gears of War games offer.

For those wondering what Stadia would offer in terms of games, this recent announcement is a good start. Doom has been a staple for many consoles over the years and now appears to be headed to the streaming sector.

Hopefully, Google takes time to really perfect their streaming capabilities on the Stadia platform. If they can, then fans have so many action-packed moments to look forward to like they do with Doom Eternal. This seems like the tip of the iceberg for Google. One can only wonder what more game titles they have planned for their novel and galvanizing streaming service.