The Turn-Based Gears Tactics Just Received Its Official Launch Trailer

The Turn-Based Gears Tactics Just Received Its Official Launch Trailer
Credit: IGN via YouTube

One of the more popular shooter series in gaming history has to be Gears of War. Ever since the first game debuted back in 2006, fans have grown attached to the series and its iconic characters. There’s just something so memorable about the chainsaw gun. The way it saws through the Locust Horde like a hot knife through butter just satisfies carnage enthusiasts.

There have been numerous installments over the years. They pretty much all have the same recipe, which is why it’s exciting to contemplate the next project in the Gears of War franchise. That project is none other than Gears Tactics, a turn-based title from Splash Damage. Never before has a Gears game had this design, so right away, Gears Tactics stands out.

To celebrate its pending release —April 28 — a launch trailer has just debuted. It sets the stage for an epic battle between the Gears and Locust Horde. We see a lot of the story elements that this game will feature, which is great if you want a sneak peak before the game’s official release.

We go back to the past 12 years before the official Gears of War. As the Locusts invaded, humanity’s desperate attempt to survive was to blow up everything. Unfortunately, it did not work and you now find yourself figuring out a way to pick up the broken pieces. Sergeant Diaz is now in charge and must recruit a team to keep the fight for humanity going strong.

The main antagonist in this game appears to be Ukon. He’s a monster who naturally makes monsters himself. We see the various creatures he can make to put a stop to your team’s goals. He seems like an iconic villain already, which is something the Gears franchise has lacked in previous installments. It should be pretty easy to root against him and his evil ways.

In addition to recruiting new survivors that you come across, you’ll have the ability to build up their skills. This will be crucial in coming up with a sound defense and prevailing in tactical battle. There are over five unique classes, with each one having a distinct set of skills. Already, Gears Tactics is showing a lot of promise and should introduce a new fold to this already successful and iconic shooter franchise. If you like critical thinking, great visuals, and progression, then Gears Tactics should provide hours of non-stop excitement.