The Time Has Come Pokemon GO Fans, Party Hat Wurmple Has Been Found In A Recent Datamine So It Is Time To Celebrate

The Time Has Come Pokemon GO Fans, Party Hat Wurmple Has Been Found In A Recent Datamine So It Is Time To Celebrate
Credit: Niantic

The latest in Pokemon Go leaks has appeared with many players’ greatest wish finally coming true. It appears that Party Hat Wurmple is on its way to the game. Data miners find tons of hidden things in the game’s code, including tons of new Pokemon that are being prepped for a New Year launch. So don your party hats and prepare for the unbelievably adorable worm with a fashion.

Party Hat Wurmple was first reported by Reddit user lewymd. There were also images of Party Hat Raticate and Party Hat Wobbuffet. It seems that many popular Pokemon are getting into the festive spirit for a New Years celebration.

Fans have been waiting for Party Hat Wurmple to join the game since he was seen two years ago in the New Year loading screen. There were several Pokemon in the image celebrating the New Year, but only Wurmple was wearing a party hat.

This sparked fans across the world to beg for the little guy to appear in the game. They wanted to catch, collect, and evolve him. There was even a petition to add the small bug to the game. It caught like wildfire, instant viral, and a big fuss was made to try and add Wurmple’s holiday edition into the game.

Now Party Hat Wurmple is looking like it might be making its way into the game, right where fans wanted it. There is no guarantee as to when, or even if, Party Hat Wrumple, Party Hat Raticate, and Party Hat Wobuffet will stroll into the game.

There is still more events and releases happening as December rolls on. New ice-type Pokemon have been appearing as well as the return of holiday costumes. The end-of-year festivity will bring the new Team Rocket Special Research line into the game called ‘A Challenging Development.’

Starting December 16, new Pokemon will be added to the egg-hatching rotation. December 17, the grass-type gen-5 Legendary Virizion will begin appearing in five-star raids. Lugia and Ho-Oh will be appearing in their own Special Raid from December 20 through December 23. The official Pokemon Go Holiday event will begin December 24 with beanies for Pikachu, Raichu, and Pichu as well as bells for Stantler.

There will also be tons of merriment to go around with even more Ice-type Pokemon making their debut. You will be able to Sneasel, Delibird, and Snorunt in the wild selection as well as the adorable Cubchoo. This is a great time of year to celebrate some festive Pokemon adventures.