The Survival MMO Last Oasis Has Suffered Server Issues Since Entering Early Access On Steam

The Survival MMO Last Oasis Has Suffered Server Issues Since Entering Early Access On Steam
Credit: Last Oasis via YouTube

Last Oasis is a unique MMO that just entered Steam’s Early Access. It has showed a ton of potential ever since it was first teased, from the large wooden structures you build to traverse the lands to the interesting story. Unfortunately, it has had several sever issues out of the gate.

This online multiplayer has had a lot of success on the Steam platform, even becoming the number-one selling game. Naturally, this increase in popularity has brought instability to the servers. The developers have acknowledged these issues, even going as far as breaking down the problems on their own YouTube page.

Unfortunately, there are no clear answers as to when a major fix will be on the way. Right now, Donkey Crew is doing everything they can to address community concerns in efforts to give every user an optimal experience. Even though there are no concrete dates at this current moment in regards to server improvements, Last Oasis is still a great experience.

It just gets the survival MMO genre right. Exploring the now dying planet with your created character gives you a sense of doom and definitely puts some pep in your step. Everything you do counts for something, whether it’s looking for resources or fending off large monsters who are trying to survive these harsh elements like yourself.

The multiplayer action also is a standout feature for those who’ve been able to get in and have optimal server experiences. You can join up with a clan and travel on walkers for miles, looking for weapons, special items, and locations to setup shop.

Running into other players is always a thrilling experience. You never know if you’ll make a heated rival, who will try to steal your resources when you least expect it. Or, you may befriend a player and trade with them for your survival. The multiplayer possibilities are endless in an open world that seems full of limitless potential too.

Hopefully, Donkey Crew can figure out these server issues as quickly as possible. It’s clear they’ve made something special because of the immense demand they’ve had since this game first entered Early Access. A lot of multiplayer games on Steam face the same issues. It will just be up to the develop to work out these kinks sooner rather than later. If they can do that, there’s no telling how much better Last Oasis will get. The sky is the limit.