The Survival-Horror Game Monstrum Is Coming To PS4 On May 22nd

The Survival-Horror Game Monstrum Is Coming To PS4 On May 22nd
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Monstrum is a unique survival-horror game in that it has a lot of distinct features. These include procedurally generated levels, permadeath, and also AI-driven predators. Its uniqueness has enabled it to become an instant classic on the Steam platform since releasing in 2015.

Five years has passed and finally, Monstrum is coming to the PS4. This news was made official on the official PlayStation YouTube channel. Even better, the release is May 22. That’s just around the corner for those interested in seeing how Monstrum differs from other survival-horror games currently on the marketplace. If you like difficulty and being kept on the edge of your seat, then this game has a lot to offer.

You’ll go through the procedurally generated levels not really sure of what to expect. Normally in survival-horror games, you get the chance to familiarize yourself with the map to come up with sound navigation strategies. That’s not the case here. You’ll have to go in blind and hope your critical-thinking skills are enough to outlast the monsters chasing you.

Speaking of monsters, there are three different types that you’ll encounter on every ship. Each species has different behaviors that you’ll have to plan for. Their diversity makes the gameplay even more difficult as you’re constantly having to switch up your tactics.

You never have the opportunity to get settled in, but that’s why Monstrum is so appealing. It’s designed for survival-horror enthusiasts that want a challenge. Add permadeath to the mix and you have yourself a very different experience to look forward to. That difficulty will keep you coming back for more and more, though.

Fortunately, the developer Team Junkfish has given you plenty of ways to outsmart the monsters lurking in the distance. For example, you can hide in lockers, set traps, and even backtrack to areas you’ve just been. You’ll have to figure out what strategy to implement depending on the environment and monster nearby. There are also plenty of escape routes in the different ships that you can use to conceal your location and search for resources.

Overall, Monstrum is a pretty entertaining and unique survival-horror game that has not received enough spotlight since releasing all those many years ago. Now that it’s coming to the PS4, hopefully many more gamers can appreciate what the developer was able to achieve. Just make sure that you’re ready for some tense, difficult moments from the jump.