The Suicide of Rachel Foster Is Set To Release This February On Steam, According To Recent Trailer

The Suicide of Rachel Foster Is Set To Release This February On Steam, According To Recent Trailer
Credit: Daedalic Entertainment via YouTube

Narrative-based games are fun for the atmosphere and emotion they often feature. Instead of focusing on complex gameplay elements and controls, they shift the gamer’s attention to story-telling and plot twists. One of the more anticipated games in this space is The Suicide of Rachel Foster.

The publisher — Daedalic Entertainment — took the liberty to show a little bit more of the game’s themes and story. It sets the stage by showing a woman named Nicole coming back to her family-owned hotel. Her father just passed away and the hotel’s rights have been entrusted to her. Right away, it’s clear that she doesn’t want to be there. To make matters worse, a blizzard moves in on the area and pretty much keeps her confined to these distant memories she thought she escaped forever.

She is alone but there is an assistant that calls in to give her advice and keep her from feeling totally secluded. Already, this game gives off vibes from The Shining. There are dark mysterious littered all throughout this hotel, and it will be up to this woman to discover them all while keeping her sanity.

The further you progress in this hotel, the more revelations your character will have. The trailer amps up the tension with creepy music and chilling environments. Exploring the various sections of the hotel looks like a thrilling time. Every room has a distinct theme that gives the game a lot of visual variety.

Looking at the game’s Steam description, it’s revealed that Nicole left her father when her mother discovered he had been unfaithful with a pregnant woman named Rachel Foster. As the titled indicates, Rachel later committed suicide. Was it actual suicide or is there a dark past that Nicole’s father never mentioned? That’s what you’ll get to discover throughout this journey.

The Suicide of Rachel Foster seems to have a lot of great story-telling elements in it. That’s always what you want to see in a game like this. The plot twists and discoveries should keep you gripped to your seat from start to finish. Who knows what horrors await in this massive and isolated hotel?

In the video’s description, it was also confirmed that this narrative game is set to release in February 2020. That’s not too far away. The Suicide of Rachel Foster is shaping up to be quite the journey that takes players through the gamut of emotions.