The Sims 4 Getting Massive New Update; New Look, New Objects, And Much More

The Sims 4 Getting Massive New Update; New Look, New Objects, And Much More
Credit: SimsCommunity via YouTube

In the most recent edition of The Maxis Monthly livestream, the development team behind The Sims 4 revealed some exciting news for players.

The Sims 4 is about to receive a huge content update that is going to overhaul the entire game. The team at Maxis has been working on revitalizing the overall look and branding of the series, and they have revealed the first images of the “new faces of The Sims 4.” Not only has the box art been changed, the game will also receive changes to the loading screens, menus, in-game icons, and even the famous “Plumbob” (that little green diamond thing that is always shimmering above your Sim’s head).

The changes to the look of the characters and “Plumbob” are for trailers and promotional art and won’t be replacing in-game assets.

The look is made as a refresher of sorts, to modernize the look and feel of the game and show players that the development team is still intent on making high-quality content for years to come. A simple graphics overhaul isn’t all we’re going to be getting, though. The upcoming update is also going to be introducing a ton of new content into the game, including over 1000 new objects being added to the “Build and Buy” category. This will include new patterns, furniture, and all kinds of gadgets for your Sims to interact with.

Perhaps the most exciting new feature, though, is the new “Create-a-Sim Story” feature, which allows you to create a Sim with a unique personality and backstory, rather than just by choosing individual attributes. This is done through a new personality quiz made up 10 questions that will help you make a Sim by automatically assigning aspirations, traits, career choices, skills, and starting cash.

It’s a cool feature that will help make every Sim different and provide them with an interesting starting point based on what they have already achieved by the time you start playing as them in game. Players will still get to edit the Sim’s appearance, as the personality quiz is only for the aforementioned attributes. The Create-A-Sim Story is entirely optional as well, so those who prefer to pick-and-choose each element can still do so.

The best part is that the update is coming as soon as tomorrow, July 16. As of right now, this new update is only coming to PC and Mac, though it is expected to hit consoles by the end of this year. PS4 and Xbox One players will be getting the new Island Living expansion tomorrow, though, so at least they’ll have some new content to dive into while they wait.

Now seems to be as good a time as any to get into The Sims 4 if you haven’t already, or for those that may have fallen out of it, it’s a great time to jump back in.