The One Special Day Bundle From Humble Nets You Some Great Games And Benefits Those With Disabilities

The One Special Day Bundle From Humble Nets You Some Great Games And Benefits Those With Disabilities
Credit: IGN via YouTube

As a PC gamer, one place you can expect some great deals is the Humble store. This platform puts together some amazing bundles that you simply can’t pass up. One bundle currently going on doesn’t just let gamers build up their collection. It actually helps those with disabilities play video games as well. That bundle is called the One Special Day bundle, which works a little bit differently than other bundles.

You get to decide how much you pay. Either you can pay $1 and get two games or $10 and get four. The proceedings Humble gets from these bundles all benefit charity. It’s always so great to give back to those in need, and thanks to this bundle, you can get some great games in the process of doing just that.

The $1 deal includes Broken Age and Purfect Date. They’re pretty unique games that will bring a smile to your face for their gameplay and humor. Broken Age is unique in that it has a point-and-click design. This action-adventure game is highly regarded for its unique story and graphics. There are a ton of voice actors you’ll hear from, including Jack Black, Elijah Wood, and Masasa Moyo. The game has a lot of heart and is certainly a pleasant experience to enjoy with the family.

Purfect Date is even more unique in that it’s a cat dating simulator. You heard that correct. Like Broken Age, it also has unique visuals with a little darker humor. There are over 10 hours of gameplay to enjoy, as well as mysteries to solve.

If you pay $10 for this amazing bundle, you can get Tannenberg and Dirt 4. Tannenberg is a a unique combat experience in that 64 players go at it to control the Eastern Front during WW1. It’s pretty amazing from a historical standpoint and involves a lot of strategy. You’ll be able to select from seven different squads, play on six large maps, and enjoy limitless weapon options.

Finally, Dirt 4 is one of the best ralley car simulators to date. The mechanics have been dialed in perfectly while the terrains will create a welcomed challenge time and time again. If you like realistic racing simulators, Dirt 4 is certainly worth adding to your collection. There are large circuits you can go on as well that feature authentic brands and ralley cars.

For just $10, all of these amazing games can be yours. More importantly, you can benefit those who might need some cheering up.