The No Man’s Sky Universe Keeps Expanding – 7th Free Content Update ‘Beyond’ Offers PS VR And Multiplayer Enhancements

The No Man’s Sky Universe Keeps Expanding – 7th Free Content Update ‘Beyond’ Offers PS VR And Multiplayer Enhancements
Credit: Hello Games via YouTube

When No Man’s Sky launched it was a total crash-landing rather successful take-off. The game was hyped across the internet, and when it was released as a bare, bug-ridden experience which didn’t match up to any of the promises made by the developers, people were a little annoyed, to say the least.

Thankfully, the team at Hello Games continue to release free updates. Beyond is the seventh such update and it adds PS VR and huge improvements to the bare-bones multiplayer experience.

First up, multiplayer. The blog from the team over on the PlayStation website says they don’t consider No Man’s Sky an MMO, but wanted to improve the way you interact with others across the infinite universes. Though there aren’t many specific details, the post highlights new social features which could make teaming up with other explorers a much easier task. Best of all? This multiplayer update is free. No subscription. No microtransactions.

However, the fans of No Man’s Sky are most excited for the VR experience. Labelled by the team as an immersive and enriched VR experience, the trailer looks interesting.

You’ll be able to take hold of the joysticks and traverse the universe in control of your own spaceship. Expect plenty of hilarious moments encountering other players in VR and get ready to get lost in space.

It’s been a year since No Man’s Sky’s last big update, NEXT. It was the update that won over many previous critics of the game by adding full multiplayer functionality, expansive base-building options – like building communal farms – and the introduction of weekly community events. No Man’s Sky: Beyond looks to build and improve on the NEXT update.

While the blog post from the developers mentions a VR experience and improved multiplayer functionality, there is still a mystery third addition yet to be revealed. Is it something to do with the space city shown in the first few seconds of the Beyond announcement trailer? The mysterious trailer for the update doesn’t answer many questions and fans will have to wait and see what lies in store.

Though they don’t have to wait long – the Beyond update comes August 14th for FREE on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.