The New Sea Of Thieves Affiliate Alliance Is The Solo Sailor’s Best Friend, New Way To Meet The Game’s Community

The New Sea Of Thieves Affiliate Alliance Is The Solo Sailor’s Best Friend, New Way To Meet The Game’s Community
Credit: Sea of Thieves via YouTube

Sea of Thieves is a game that is built to be played with friends. Although it is possible to run a solo vessel, most players find themselves defenseless against fully crewed galleons or ghost pirate vessels. A new feature has launched today to help players find friends on the sea and start tackling bigger jobs within the community.

Affiliate Alliance has launched, and it will help community leaders highlight events and support the content for fans. By taking part in the Alliance, players can get a better idea of what is happening on the ocean and even find crews to play with to tackle the many in-game events.

Recently, Sea of Thieves has passed 10 million players from around the globe. The Affiliate Alliance is meant to help connect those players together and find like-minded communities within your regions or preferred playstyle. You can apply filters to the search and choose based on platform, age, and even language.

While the game has plenty of amazing events inside the game, the community has taken to crafting their own. From the Race of Legends and Sea of Champions, players have created amazing events and opened it to anyone wanting to share in the fun.

Instead of discouraging the fans, the developers are hoping this will be a way to facilitate the event planning process. They are more than happy to allow fans a chance to build their own events within the world and really form an amazing game just out of the player base alone.

Rare is teaming up with the leading members of the game’s community to help showcase their events. By joining the Affiliate Alliance, these fans are given a place on the Sea of Thieves website to link players to your community, a special area, and title in the official Discord server.

It will be interesting to see what fans do with this new feature and to watch the community continue to blossom in the game’s atmosphere. By leaving a ton of the game open to player participation, Rare has created a unique balance between in-game events and game community that is perfect for this kind of program.

You can find Sea of Thieves on both PC and Xbox One. The game is available for $49.99 but is also available through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate allowing you to play on both PC and Xbox One through a single subscription. So set sail on a new journey and see the true potential found within this pirating adventure.