The new first-person shooter being developed by Romero Games Ltd

The new first-person shooter being developed by Romero Games Ltd
Credit: pcgamer

It’s anticipated that the FPS won’t depend on any already-existing franchises. The publisher, who has not yet been revealed, contributes to development costs in part.

Romero added that Romero Games would concentrate on creating first-person shooters going forward. Perhaps the firm paid a high price for Empire of Sin’s failure and is now reluctant to take chances.

What kind of shooter it will be is unknown at this time. However, it is evident from the openings that a multiplayer mode will be there.
The website for the studio lists the categories of programming, design, and art for employment openings. The lists give some indications of the mechanics the game might include.

There are positions for a senior multiplayer programmer and an online architect, suggesting that the game may include both multiplayer and online features.

It makes sense that way. During the heyday of id Software, Romero rose to prominence as one of the video game industry’s first true superstars.

However, his first post-id game, Daikatana, was the victim of an overzealous hype campaign that resulted in one of the most infamously bad commercials ever, which Romero claimed actually harmed his reputation among players and the game developer community.

There isn’t much information available about the project in job listings(opens in a new tab) on the Romero Games website, other than the fact that it will include some sort of multiplayer element, which is certainly not surprising coming from the person generally recognized with coining the term “deathmatch.” Additionally, it appears to support widescreen displays.

Empire of Sin, a potential mob tactics game set in the 1920s that was published at the end of 2020 to lukewarm reviews, was Romero Games’ most recent endeavor. It was described as “an intriguing building game that never manages to tie together its key ideas” by our reviewer Fraser Brown.