The New Diamond Casino Heist Will Be The Most Comprehensive Heist Mission In Los Santos History, According To Rockstar

The New Diamond Casino Heist Will Be The Most Comprehensive Heist Mission In Los Santos History, According To Rockstar
Credit: Saintsfan via YouTube

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been one of the best video games from Rockstar in some time. It has everything you’d want in an open sandbox game like this. There are numerous ways to earn money, plenty of vehicles to drive, and so many ways to cause destruction. GTA 5 is one of those games you could honestly come back to time and time again and still get a lot of value out of it. A huge reason for this is its online portion.

Grand Theft Auto Online is always receiving updates from Rockstar, whether it’s new group missions or vehicles to buy. Probably the most noteworthy update recently was the addition of a casino. Players can now go online and play some of their favorite casino games, including black jack and roulette. It truly is an amazing addition to an already great aspect of GTA 5.

GTA Online is about to get even better as Rockstar is introducing a new casino heist. The heist will be live on all platforms starting December 12. That’s only a couple of days away to experience all of its insane action and rewards. The Diamond Casino Heist, according to Rockstar’s description, will be the most detailed criminal activity in the history of Los Santos. If they doesn’t get you excited, then you better check your pulse.

Looking at more details on the heist, it appears Rockstar is giving players many different options as far as how they approach pulling off this big score. There are different paths players can take and a bevvy of preparations they can make well before they head to the casino with their selected heist companions.

However, just because you think you have the perfect plan put together, that doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly. There are actually several ways the security threats inside can adapt based on what your crew members do. Thus, everyone will have to be on their A game if you expect to come away with a big score and uninjured. Adapting on the fly is something GTA Online members have come to expect throughout their time with this game.

The ample choices just make this heist that much more realistic and immersive. It makes every decision count for something. Given the difficulty, it’s only right that Rockstar will let you score big if your crew members are successful with this operation. It’s as they say, ‘The juice is certainly worth the squeeze’.