The Latest Trailer For Bethesda’s Rage 2 Shows The Different And Crazy Ways To Kill The Enemy

The Latest Trailer For Bethesda’s Rage 2 Shows The Different And Crazy Ways To Kill The Enemy

There’s nothing quite like the sounds of chaos, with guns being fired, bombs exploding, cars blowing off, and more! This can all be heard and seen on the latest trailer of Bethesda Softworks’ upcoming first-person shooter game – Rage 2.

Transform into a wasteland superhero through the multitude of different weapons as well as high-tech nano trite abilities.

As seen on the trailer, players will surely never run out of ways to end the life of their enemies. There are even several violent and crazy combos that can be created and performed by pairing different abilities and weapons.

Release these combos on the poor unfortunate enemies and watch their blood and random body parts scattered across the area. No matter what creative havoc heroes unleash, the result will still be the same – the death of another enemy.

Players will be able to manipulate gravity and make people fly before showering them with bullets. They can also pull and trap them into one place before blowing them up with some high-tech bombs.

Feeling even crazier? Players can also send their opponents flying and hurtling towards the wind turbines. Or players can also play with fire, burn their opponents, and then punch them to death. With creativity and the correct combination or weapons, ability, and vehicle, anything is possible.

Are all these combos necessary in killing opponents when the end result is still a dead body? No, not really. In fact, all these moves seem so extra and can be troublesome for forgetful and lazy gamers.

But it sure does make the fight much more fun and exciting. Albeit, in a crazy violent glee kind of way. It looks like the overkill approach is in actuality the real aim of Bethesda’s Rage 2. Well, have fun discovering all the methods of eliminating enemies and going on a crazy killing spree, players!

The first installment of the series wasn’t that much memorable. So this time around, Bethesda is making sure that everyone knows that the upcoming Rage 2 will be more exciting. Not only that but the game will have a personality inspired by the ‘80s and have lots of explosions.

The violent overkill and the 80’s themes jingle, surely makes this second installment much more impressionable.

Rage 2 is set for release on the 14th of May for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, as well as PC users. Pre-order now and enjoy the many exclusives such as the Mutant Truck Skin, Nicholas Raine Armor, Settler Pistol, and more.