The Last Of Us: Part 1 Locations Where You Can Find Artefacts

The Last Of Us: Part 1 Locations Where You Can Find Artefacts

Throughout The Last of Us Part I, players will have the chance to collect various items to provide the setting with context. For example, things like Firefly pendants that are discovered strewn about the multiple places Joel and Ellie visit show how much the Firefly organization spread and how many members they’ve lost over the years.

You can also find comments left by strangers, annotated maps, and reminders of a time that feels distantly distant. These relics frequently give tiny glimpses into other people’s lives, their survival strategies, and how the world has altered in the two decades after the breakout. The Quarantine Zone, the second chapter of the game, contains the artifacts found here.

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Players must get Joel’s backpack from his and Tess’s hiding place to find these two treasures. Players must first select the artifact they wish to study from the menu to investigate it.

Tess will direct gamers to a wall opening where they can exit the building while Joel and Tess navigate the spore-infested structure and battle with the Infected inside players must turn left at the top of the stairs before going through a door on the other side of the room to access the room. A desk with the notice will be toward the back of the room, along with a few cubicles.

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The players should proceed past the big blue shipping containers from the previous item until they get to a wall with a green tarp covering part of it. The last artefact for this chapter will be located by the smaller blue-wheeled containers on the ground.

There are 99 notes and artefacts to be found between The Last of Us Part I and its expansion, Left Behind. Players will receive the award Chronicles” for collecting them all.

Joel and Tess will drop down onto the docks, where guards are patrolling when players finally spot Robert.