The Iconic Battlefield 5 Is Now Available For Free On Xbox One To Subscribers Of EA Access

The Iconic Battlefield 5 Is Now Available For Free On Xbox One To Subscribers Of EA Access
Credit: Battlefield via YouTube

EA Play, Electronic Arts pre-press conference ahead of E3, revealed a lot of exciting news. We learned that the upcoming FIFA 2020 will include a street mode called Volta and that Madden 20 is getting all sorts of new features.

We also learned that Battlefield 5 will be free on Xbox One to those who have an EA Access membership. This is an incredible deal on a major game that came out fairly recently, back in November.

EA Access is a subscription service for PS4 and Xbox One users who want great savings on the least EA video games. The service is only $30 annually, which isn’t that bad considering the huge savings this subscription gives its members time and time again.

It’s great to see Battlefield 5 being given away. It’s one of the better installments in the series, especially considering it goes all the way back to WW2. This is one of the most iconic war periods and EA Dice lets you experience it like never before in this first-person shooter.

A great addition to this fantastic series is your ability to customize your own squad of soldiers. You can customize the way they fight, how they look, and how they behave in certain combat situations. This just adds to the immersive combat experience that this game offers.

This added customization makes you attached to your fellow squad members like never before. Losing just one solider hurts and sets the stage for how important each battle is that you come across. You’ll have the chance to experience some of the more unknown battles during WW2.

You even get to customize your vehicles. From tanks to planes, these vehicles will shape the battlefield like never before.

If you have any prior experience with the Battlefield franchise, this latest edition will make you feel right at home. The shooting mechanics are pretty polished and the animations of the enemies you hit are diverse.

The multiplayer mode gives you additional content to explore, and the co-op mode gives you the chance to re-live some of the more epic moments of WW2 with a fellow comrade. You’ll enjoy covering your teammate as they make their way across the beaches of Normandy.

This is the perfect first-person shooter to add to your collection if you’re a member of EA Access. This subscription isn’t that expensive if you don’t have it already. Best of all, you can expect to save big on games like Battlefield 5 on a consistent basis.