The Hidden Church Conspiracy In Nier Automata Is Now Accessible

The Hidden Church Conspiracy In Nier Automata Is Now Accessible
Credit: vgc

Players of Nier Automata were shocked by a shocking revelation a few months earlier. SadFutago persuaded everybody that they had recently found a brand-new secret room that went to an unknown part of Automata in a post to the Nier subreddit. Social networking was a hive of activity for at least a few days as people discussed Automata’s extraordinary ability to keep its secrets hidden for so long.

Then, just a few days ago, everything was revealed to be a hoax. The secret door wasn’t truly a recently found secret; instead, it was a mod made by a team of skilled modders. Nevertheless, some viewed it as the momentous revelation that it was, despite the disappointment of many.

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For decades, Nier Automata had a reputation for being difficult to modify, but this hidden room revealed to the community that somebody had finally succeeded. RaiderB developed the scripting tools, Woeful Wolf provided the Blender tools and add-ons, and DevolasRevenge made the map of the secret section.

All three stated they would eventually make these tools and the mod available to the larger community. However, they also expressed regret for the lie.

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Whether you anticipated this result or not, DevolasRevenge said, “Thanks, everyone, for sticking around for the ride. I hope you liked the effect.” It was only intended to perplex a few users on Twitter; it was never supposed to get this viral.

Following a few months, NexusMods now offers the iconic Nier Automata “Church” mod for download. In the Copied City, the mod completely expands 9S’s playtime. The announcement trailer, uploaded to Twitch shortly after the July hoax post, gives you a sneak peek at what the update brings.

NAMH is suggested by DevolasRevenge for the mod installation. If you’re a new player, ensure you’re around level 90 and take out any chips like overclock and shockwave. They made a note in the mod description saying updated mod models are in the works so as not to give you an unfair advantage.