The Fun Forza Motorsport 6 Is Currently Free For Xbox Live Gold Subscribers; Add-Ons Collection On Sale Too

The Fun Forza Motorsport 6 Is Currently Free For Xbox Live Gold Subscribers; Add-Ons Collection On Sale Too
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Having an Xbox Live Gold membership is great in that it lets you download a lot of great games each month. There is always a good variety to look forward to. For the month of August, the fun race simulator Forza Motorsport 6 was offered in the lineup.

If you have any history with this storied racing series, you know how authentic these games can be. Their mechanics are true to form, which only immerses you in each race even more. You truly feel like you’re there in the thick of the action, where one wrong turn could be your last.

Overall, Forza Motorsport 6 is a pretty fantastic game. Many are claiming it to be the best in the series, in fact. That’s quite an amazing feat for the people at Turn 10 Studios. Where this racing simulator really shines is its authenticity. The weather elements aren’t just for show. They actually will affect your driving in some way.

For example, you could be hitting high speeds and then suddenly run into a puddle of water. It will slow your vehicle down considerably and even get you off course. You’re thus forced to react to these elements at all times. You’re locked in every race as if it’s your last. Even racing at night is an interesting visual that you’ll never get tired of experiencing.

Oh, and the sheer volume of cars you can select is impressive. You would be hard-pressed to find something you didn’t want to drive in this game, honestly. There’s something for every racing situation. From 70’s muscle cars to modern supercars, you’ll get to experience all kinds of models that you never even knew existed. There are a few surprised even for the most advanced car enthusiasts, too.

Adding this game to your collection won’t cost you a cent if you’re an Xbox Live Gold member. If you want access to even more cars, you’ll be happy to know that a sale is currently going on for the complete add-ons collection. This includes the NASCAR and Porsche packages, including cars and tracks.

As of right now, you can get this collection for 95% off. That’s a steal and is a no-brainer if you want to experience everything this racing simulator has to ever. It’s rare that race games get the mechanics almost perfect, but Forza Motorsport 6 shines in this department. The various modes will keep the car-racing gameplay fresh as well.