The Fishing Simulator The Catch: Carp And Coarse Comes Out This Summer

The Fishing Simulator The Catch: Carp And Coarse Comes Out This Summer
Credit: PlayStation Europe via YouTube

Fishing simulators have a lot of things going for them. They give you the chance to catch some unbelievably large fish and enjoy nature when you may be stuck at home. There are a lot of decent games in this genre, but one of the more promising and unique is The Catch: Carp And Coarse. It’s a game about targeting and catching monster fish of various species.

You’ll have to use some strategy as far as what lures to use and knowing where to cast. Once you have a big one on the other end, that’s where the fun really begins. A trailer for this fishing simulator just released that confirmed a summer release. That’s not too far away for those looking to fish in well-detailed waters where that one trophy fish is just lurking beneath the surface.

According to the game’s official website, there will be around 35 species of fish for you to catch. That includes monster bass, rare catfish, and of course, some carp. It’s paramount that fishing simulators like this give you a variety of fish to catch. It’s great to see the developer Dovetail Games recognizing this and giving players amazing opportunities to feel like a professional fisherman.

It’s also promising seeing that a lot of skill is involved in The Catch: Carp And Coarse. You won’t just be able to flick your lure in the water and hope a big hungry fish comes by and helps you out. Rather, you’ll have to refine your fishing techniques and dedicate yourself to the systems.

When and where you fish all matter. Fish during the wrong weather conditions and you’ll come home empty handed. However, if you’re smart and know each fish species’ behavior, you can set yourself up for success. You’ll also have to dial in your equipment, much like what professional fishermen have to do when they’re competing on the big stage.

The trailer is painting an amazing picture for the fish species as well. They look realistically detailed. You can tell the developer wanted to get fish likeness down perfectly, and based on these early impressions, they’ve mastered this aspect. You’ll even be able to catch rare fish like mekong and pacu.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast or just want to test your fishing skills in a realistic way, The Catch: Carp And Coarse seems worthy of your time and money. Only a couple of months now before players can hit the waters and go on the fishing trip of a lifetime.