The Division 2’s Latest Test Patch Brings More Dark Zone Loot, Adds More Time To Kill For Pvp

The Division 2’s Latest Test Patch Brings More Dark Zone Loot, Adds More Time To Kill For Pvp
Credit: The Division 2 - Ubisoft

The Division 2 has its latest test patch already out, and it brings a lot of updates on many aspects. The new public test server has brought adjustments to the game’s weapon damage value and gear features.

The fine-tuning for the PC is still ongoing to help the game developers with the upcoming Title Update 3. The second phase of testing kicked off last Friday.

Initially, the updated has adjusted the player’s skills, recalibration of weapon, and it made the PvP combat more challenging. The power of both armor and damage boosts in Conflict was reduced by 50%.

Meanwhile, the update buffed the assault rifles getting 1.25 damage like the SMGs. Plus, the Dark Zone is offering more loot than ever. Massive announced that players can expect to get some exclusive gear from the Dark Zone. Players who can defeat the bosses are guaranteed to get contaminated loots.

Aside from that, players will take more time to defeat the enemies in the Dark Zone. On the other hand, the Dark Zone enemies will deal less damage.

There will also be multiple contaminated items that can be collected from landmarks. This would make the game more challenging too since other enemies will get lower drop rates for loot.

Enemies who will drop something will give items that have a “very high chance” of being contaminated. It’s probably a way of compensating for it or making things more exciting.

Either way, contaminated loots should be all over the Dark Zone more compared to the previous version. The trick is to spend more time in it as soon as the patch is implemented on the main game.

Massive said the specific changes like Reviver Hive, Recalibration, Control Points, and difficulty were what the players have asked before. The heroic difficulty, NPC sponginess, spawning during missions, and lethality were included.

The Division 2’s Title Update 3 was supposed to go live on April 25th. However, the date was later pushed to May and will coincide with Operation Dark Hours, the first ever raid happening.

The game developers said their team is quick to adjust to their data and the community’s feedback. Phase 2 Patch Notes, will there be incomplete.

However, they promised to work for its completion in time for Title Update 3’s release next month. So far, there is no firm date yet when the updates will make it into the main game.