The Division 2 Returning To The Big Apple? In-Game Poster Suggests This Possibility

The Division 2 Returning To The Big Apple? In-Game Poster Suggests This Possibility
Credit: The Division 2 - Ubisoft

An in-game poster of The Division 2 gives a hint of the third location, which remained a mystery until now.

Previous reports confirmed that The Division 2 will have three new episodes, which essentially refers to the locations. The first two have already been revealed–Pentagon: The Last Castle and DC: Outskirts Expedition.

However, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment has been silent about the third location. And although they remained coy, an in-game poster teased the answer.

And the posters don’t even attempt to be subtle. The poster reads “NYC After Dark.” There’s a smaller text below that, which reads, “a return to the Big Apple.” Finally, the month of January is also included in the poster.

Redditor WillyPete posted an image of the poster in a thread.

The Division 2 is noted for its accuracy. The Washington DC: Outskirts Expedition, for instance, is as accurate as the real thing. Those who lived or visited the country’s capital would see familiar locations, landmarks, and neighborhoods.

There are four main factions that are trying to take over the capital. These are the TrueSons, Hyenas, Outcasts, and the Black Tusks. It’s now up to the agents of the Division to stop their evil plans.

The stakes are very high. If Washington falls, the rest of the country follows. It will take a lot of your skills and tactics in order to make this last stand.

Reportedly, the third location will include the Survival Mode. New York City would be the perfect location for this game. The Survival Mode was first introduced as a second expansion back in 2016.

It was a massive hit among the The Division 2 players.

In the Survival Mode, you are in the middle of a destructive blizzard in the Big Apple. You only have a pistol and basic equipment as you journey to the Dark Zone. But that’s not all. You also have a deadly infection that you need to manage by taking painkillers and medicines. If not, the sickness will kill you.

The cure, dubbed the Green Poison, can be found in the Dark Zone. The Dark Zone will also be your extraction point. You will be airlifted by a helicopter out of there. But once that elixir is in your hand, be prepared to fight gangs who will kill you for your precious cargo.

Keep posted for more The Division 2 updates, which will be published as they come along.