The Competitive Shooter Valorant Is Now Live And Includes New Content And Improvements

The Competitive Shooter Valorant Is Now Live And Includes New Content And Improvements
Credit: Back to the game via YouTube

Valorant’s beta has done an incredible job at garnering attention. It has received heavy streaming traffic on Twitch, showing just how popular of a competitive shooter it really is.

Riot Games seems to have a huge hit on their hands, a testament to understanding this space and introducing new elements that take this genre forward.

Valorant is about to get even better too as it’s now officially live. The game is completely free to check out and upon doing so, you’ll gain access to a new hero and some new content.

The new agent is Reyna. She’s a beautiful powerhouse that has the unique ability to heal herself and beef up her armor.

A new mode is also available with Valorant’s release called Spike Rush. According to the mode’s description, it’s intended to push the pace and lead to more action compared to the traditional Spike mode.

There are only 7 winning rounds, which last around 8 minutes. There are also special power orbs scattered around the arena. Players who get to them first will be able to enhance their abilities in a unique way, whether it’s a boost in speed or a weapons upgrade.

Finally now that Valorant is live, players will notice several agents have been buffed and framerate issues have been taken care of.

If you want a full list of the additional content and improvements, you can head on over to Valorant’s official website.

So far, it seems like this competitive shooter is off to a good start. Players have been able to get in matches quickly and stay there for some memorable action.

If you plan on checking out Valorant for the first time, just get ready for a little bit of an adjustment period. You may get frustrated going head to head with players who’ve enjoyed the game since it was in its beta phase.

However, if you stick with it and learn each agent’s special maneuvers, you can have a great time. You’ll notice the refined shooting mechanics. They may take some time to master, but once you do, you’ll feel very competitive.

Valorant is definitely shaking up things in the competitive shooter space, and that’s a good thing because competition is always healthy. It makes developers step up their game and innovate more than they would if they had a stranglehold on a particular market.

If you’re ready for some intense matches featuring memorable agents, then head on over to Valorant today and see what you’ve been missing.