The Buzz For The Last Of Us Part 2 Is Still High Despite Recent Leak From Hackers

The Buzz For The Last Of Us Part 2 Is Still High Despite Recent Leak From Hackers
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Naughty Dog was pretty let down when leaks starting to circulate around the internet regarding their highly anticipated The Last of Us Part 2. Some plot details were revealed, which have impacted a lot of fans unfortunately. It’s always a bummer when this happens. Gamers who’ve waited years to see how a certain story unfolds are left devastated after accidentally stumbling upon spoiler territory.

It happens a lot in the gaming community. According to multiple reports, the leaks for The Last of Us Part 2 came from unidentified hackers. Originally, it was reported that the leaks were from someone within the Naughty Dog studio. It’s good to see that this isn’t the case, but the hacking leak is still a major disappointment.

Naughty Dog wanted to keep everything under wraps until the game officially releases, which is now in June. Despite some having the story spoiled, the buzz for this sequel is still at an all-time high. June is just around the corner; it’s definitely one positive thing coming out of this unfortunate series of events.

Fans are excited about the enhanced gameplay and emotionally gripping story of the beloved characters Joel and Ellie. Everything that has been shown leading up to this game’s release is painting a promising picture as well. The combat seems more advanced with new systems and skills to master. The first game nailed this aspect perfectly so it’s exciting to think about how much better it has gotten.

Even the traversal and stealth systems are being expanded upon. It seems like Naughty Dog wants to give players more options as far as how they approach gameplay. That bodes well for a more dynamic experience overall.

There are also new enemies to encounter. On the human side, there is the Seraphites. They are brutal in their killing ways and according to reports, their motivations are based around some sort of religion. As far as the infected side, you can bet the developer will throw some new variants your way as well.

Now that there is an official release date, fans finally have light at the end of the tunnel. Naughty Dog has been through a lot lately with these hacking attempts and self-quarantine measures, but they’re still adamant about delivering an amazing action zombie game. They have also reassured fans that even though some of the material has been spoiled, the end product is still worth checking out.