The Blogger Created An Epic Conflict Between Elden Ring Creatures

The Blogger Created An Epic Conflict Between Elden Ring Creatures
Credit: pcgamer

21 Elden Ring creatures participated in the blogger’s contrived “battle royale.” The majority of the participants were boss characters that the player can encounter in the game’s open environment.

The dragon decided not to attack her when they were left alone with him in the first round, and all of the competitors killed each other in the second, giving the victory to the turtle Miriel in two of the three rounds. However, because she was still considering assaulting the turtle, a massive hand prevailed in the third round.

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The modder made the decision to give each creature power and health level of 20,500 units throughout the previous two rounds.

Miriel is initially attacked by a lot of monsters, but they soon shift their focus to other enemies, probably after noticing his astronomically high health bar. Miriel does nothing but sit there and occasionally absorb a blow while observing all of his opponents blunderingly defeat one another.

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Although Miriel undoubtedly wins on morale, the first round is technically a draw as a dragon makes a mistake. The second round proceeds largely in the same manner, with the exception that Miriel is the only turtle standing after the final two opponents are eliminated.

Miriel’s luck, however, runs out when he reaches the third round’s conclusion and is slowly battered to a pulp by one of Elden Ring’s horrifying hand monsters.

In the last two rounds, where Miriel’s health bar no longer affords him an advantage, it is even less believable. The Fallingstar Beast wins round four, obviously, and a Giant Land Octopus triumphs in round five.

Even while this way of determining the strength isn’t the most accurate, at least we now know which species we should definitely steer clear of going forward.