Terrible Sonic ‘06 Console Game Gets Another Chance To Be Played On PC Thanks To This Unity Engine

Terrible Sonic ‘06 Console Game Gets Another Chance To Be Played On PC Thanks To This Unity Engine
Credit: Movieclips Trailers via YouTube

Sonic was a terrible game back then, and it’s now coming back, thanks to the latest Unity Engine. Console gamers who have tried it 13 years ago would most probably agree on why it is horrible. It got low scores on reviews due to the bad glitches players experienced. But the game’s poor performance did not stop Sonic’s fans from releasing its demo on PC.

Using the Unity Engine, fans brought back the popular console game in a demo that is now available for download. There’s a recent trailer out that shows how its recreation looks like. The game demo is titled Sonic the Hedgehog (P-06).

The brain behind the demo game was Youtuber ChaosX. He first announced his efforts two years ago. ChaosX said that he has been working on it with help from “a few friends.”

The YouTuber is the one responsible for the composition and editing. The project creator has included some important links where the game can be downloaded and where one can report issues.

Some of those who have tried to download it commented that the demo should get some drop shadows. Hopefully, the reviews would help to reduce the glitches and bugs experienced by players when it launched in 2006.

Game critics have previously tagged Sonic ‘06 as among the worst games the series have brought. They blamed the game’s ludicrous plot and the design of the game levels that were bizarre.

The story was awful for some and the cut-scenes were not good. This was not the first time for a fan to create a remake of it. It was reported that in 2017, a fan was trying to remake the same game. They called it Sonic the Hedgehog PC.

The demo is not a complete game, but it is causing a hype among those who love Sonic the Hedgehog. Some fans are already asking ChaosX whether a complete game remake will be out soon.

Not a few have commended ChaosX for creating the console game into a PC version. Some of the gamers said the demo is better than what Sega dropped in a long time ago. A player also commented that the control on the PC demo game was good.

One player added that the demo has got a “better speed cap” and functional Custom Gems and Spindash. Sonic is probably something that shows some of the missed potentials of the old game, which is worth a try.